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15mm game system

Welcome to DLD Productions, where we have an extensive selection of 15mm 

futuristic/scifi military vehicles!

We take pride in every vehicle we make, so you get the best there is. Period.

Quality cast resin vehicles that will hold paint well, and assemble quickly! Take a look around and see what is waiting for you in our Motor Pool! 


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Year: 2144:

The war started. What started out as just a few border skirmishes, quickly escalated into a full out war! OPFOR and CMF forces smashed headlong into each other on Earth, Mars, and several star systems. Colonies and bases became war torn battlefields littered with the remains of armies.

New adversaries came into play, known as the Kir. An alien race that pushed through some of the outlaying systems, battling the SDF, OPFOR and CMF outposts, and cutting off all communications. Where they are headed, no one knows for sure.

Current year: 2331/4/9:

Time is critical. You are required to take your battalion and proceed to grid section GF3524731 and engage enemy forces and hold them until reinforcements arrive to relieve you. Not one step back. No one gets left behind.