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About DLD productions

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​​All miniatures and models are supplied unpainted and require assembly and cleaning.

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DLD Productions started in January 2000. The idea was to design and manufacture the very best in resin tabletop miniatures for the Tabletop Tactical Game Systems industry.

In December 1999, David Dunn, the owner, had just finished work with one of the movie model shops in Hollywood, and had designed a space station for a game that he played. Folks told him that he should make molds of that space station and produce kits for everyone.

So he did. Thus was born DLD Productions, home of the Space Station 2000.

DLD Productions branched out past the space based kits, and started making 28mm futuristic/scifi military vehicles. Then to 15mm resin copies of the 28mm vehicles, and so on.

The passion was, however, the 15mm side. Now, DLD Productions is concentrating all of it's efforts to the 15mm product line. Eventually, plastic injection is the ultimate path for these vehicles!