​Product information:

​​These are not toys and not intended for children.

All orders ship USPS

​Domestic (US)
Up to $50.00 Add $8.00 for your shipping.
$50.01 to $99.99 ADD $13.00 for shipping
Over $100 is FREE shipping!

​For Overseas/Canada/Alaska/Hawaii, please email us for your shipping rates. ALL Overseas customers will receive $10.00 towards their shipping costs for orders over $50.00USD. We ask that you pay the remaining balance.​​​

07-24-2015: Well, here it is! The new website! Yippie!

A couple of things to point out, is that, yes this is a new website. There will be some teething going on, at least until the site has been run through it's paces.

If you have any questions or find a link that doesn't work, please email us at:


News and Updates:

3-22-2016 Shipping update.......

Hi folks, well the first day of Spring has come and gone, and along with it,

a new shipping policy and pricing. 

At the bottom of EACH page you will find the "new" shipping chart....only a couple 

​of things have changed, so be mindful of those changes.

Remember, ADD your shipping rate for the Domestic US.

Overseas, well, it has not ​changed. Sorry.

12-14-2015: Overseas Shipping...

​There are going to be some changes to the Overseas Shipping rates, effective immediately.

Please see the Shipping information at the bottom of each page.

Thank you!

Important Information:

​​All miniatures and models are supplied unpainted and require assembly and cleaning.

Prices subject to change without notice.


Shipping and Handling not included.

We have a "No Return" policy, but if you receive a damaged item, or have any questions please contact us via e-mail.

​Please allow 2-3 weeks for delivery.

1-26-2016: General information.....

Hey folks, hope all of you had a good Holiday Season.

We are still working on getting the new facility set up. We will post here when that  happens.....

​Thank you!

12-14-2015: Resin shipment and.....

Hi folks, ok so we have gotten a new shipment of resin and found a new manufacturer for the rubber.....YEAH!

Orders that are placed any time AFTER today, will be done AFTER the Holidays, as we are shutting down for vacation. We will resume business after January 15th.....we hope......we are ALSO moving to a new location, which is why we are shutting down for a longer than usual time frame.

We will let everyone know when we are back up to full speed Scotty!

Thanks! And have a safe and happy Holiday Season!.

08-05-2015: Resin shipment

Hi folks, so we just got word that all resin shipments from our supplier are going to be delayed for about 3-4 weeks. Bummer....I know, right?!

So, adjust your orders accordingly. If you still want to place an order, we will toss in a FREE 15mm Vehicle Equipment pack into each order to make up for the delay. (nothing like getting kool FREE stuff when someone else screws up, huh?)

Anyway, there you go....we will post up again when the resin comes in.....then the FREE deal is OFF!....(we'll see about that......)