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Civet Light Grav Tank:

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In 2140, a surprise attack by newly formed Syraqi forces into Israel, caught the entire area off guard, including Israeli forces. The battles were brutal and only last a few days. 3 days after the surprise assault, 6 nuclear devices were set off on Israeli soil. Among the targets were the space facility at Hadera, and 5 major cities to include Jerusalem.

Before the end of the year, all of the survivors from the Israeli nuclear incident were transported to North America, where they would take up temporary residence. Of the approximately 9 million Jews in the State of Israel, only a mere 132,000 survived the destruction of their country. A new Israeli Government was formed in North America.

By 2143, after much work, the New Israeli Government completed several transport ships capable of carrying the survivors of the Israeli disaster to the awaiting base on the Moon. The Israeli Government rented the CMF launch facility, and began ferrying Israeli survivors to the Moon Base. Then from there to out system. Location, unknown.

CT01................................Civet Light Grav Tank - $12.00

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RC02........................................................Raven Light Grave APC - $12.00

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Raven Grav APC:

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