Gameplay video of: This is WAR!

This is WAR! is a game of futuristic/scifi 15mm tabletop combat and tactics. Using your wits and combat

knowledge against your opponent, and taking the field of battle in a cheer of VICTORY! You will pit the

forces of man against all comers and wipe clean the scourge of your enemies! Command armored units, fierce troops, ground shaking artillery and more in this dance of domination. Whether its the Coalition of Military Forces, (CMF), Opposition Forces,(OPFOR), Shazakeem, (SDF), or the alien race known as the Kir, to determine the fate of the Galaxy.

  Army Build video for: This is WAR!

Here is a gameplay video of: This is WAR! 

In this video, we show how the units move, fire, die!

Here is a Army Build video. In this video, we show you how to build an Army List for This is WAR!

OPFOR Forces

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CMF Forces